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Malith Gunarathna, author of this e-book "" is a Naturalist working in tourism industry associate with YALA & BUNDALA National Parks. He is the Managing Director of "Yala Wild Safaris" & "Hotel Tissa". Every day is a fresh start with new guests to drive to Yala for searching this amazing animal, Leopard...
Main Objective of this e-book is to share the information about the individual leopards with the interested parties. Author will update this e-book regularly after everyday visits to the Park. Author is born and grow up in Tissamaharama village where only 18km to Main Gate of Yala National Park. Already in afamily related to Eco-Tourism.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Father Mr. Jayasiri Gunarathna (Tissa) for your great guidance about eco-tourism and the interest of animals. Thank to you I had this chance to being a naturalist today. Also would remember my mother, my friends and colleagues who work with me. Special Thank is going to my Loving wife to give me more time to spend with wild by managing all other duties related to our businesses and children.