YFL11 - Rathmalwala Female

Territory - Kohobagaswala, Rathmalwala, Wepandeniya, Kotigala, Debaragaswala, Lolugaswala, No 01, Siyabalagaswala.

Karawgaswala Middle Water Hole - 2017.11.11 around 11:30 AM

This was a day we almost lost our hope for Leopards and heading back to gate. It was around 11:15 AM when we received the message from a full day jeep that this female leopard found sleeping. We drove back nearly 10-15 Minutes to get it. Finally got some amazing view.

Wepandeniya Boraluwala Rock on 25th June 2019 at 6:15 AM

She is the proud mom of three cubs currently. We found her sleeping on this rock very close to the main road. After 2-5 Minutes time she left the place and cross the road too...