YFLC12 - Welmalkema Female Cub

Territory - Welmalkema Inner Road, Welmalkema, Kohobagaswala Junction, Siyabalagaswala, Boraluwala

09th April 2018 Welmalkema Road

Time :- 6.12 AM
Place :- Welmakema Road
This very cute brave sub-adult female was met coming continuously to the vehicle. Within around 30 Minutes finally she crossed the main road to siyabalagas wala side.

08th June 2018 Welmalkema Road

Time :- 6.22 AM
Place :- Welmakema Road
Relaxing on a superb place...

30th April 2019 Welmalkema Road

Time :- 10:15 AM
Place :- Welmakema Road
Relaxing on the Road. She got a scrtch on her right leg. and looks like bit sick. (Informed to Doctor.)