YML01 - Diganwala Male Leopard

Territory - Suduwelimulla, Diganwala, Rakinawala,Handunoruwa, Kotasiyanbale, Medapara, Modawala, Rawum wala, Karuwala Bookuwa, Rukwila

18th March 2017 Moda Wala

YML01 & this Female Leopard arrived to Moda Wala from Jul Mandiya Meda Para around 10 am. Female is trying but still I didn't see the YML1 like to start the mating on this place. They were resting near Moda Wala for few minutes and went in to the bush. Following are some images during the sighting.

20th March 2017 Hadunoruwa

YML01 & this Female Leopard Spotted today around 9.23 am in Hadunoruwa Area while they were mating. They stayed there for 10 to 15 minutes and went to Kotasiyabalaya Area. Following are some images during the sighting.

29th January 2018 Gonalaheba Pitiya

YML01 was coming from Suduwelimulla Corner through Gonalaheba Pitiya to cross the main road around 6.42 AM. After met each other me and him he stopped there for a minute and again continue his journey by cross the main road. After 11 minutes YML01 appears back near the first water whole of Meda Para. Get into the tree (One of his favorite tree's) and stay there for less than 3 minutes because the jeeps were start to rush and went into the bush. Following are some images during the sighting.

07th February 2018 Gonalaheba Pitiya

Time is 7.25 AM. YML1 already crossed the main road from Meda para and slowly moving to Gonalaheba Kalapuwa area through the small grasses. Shocking moment we didn't expect that. He was targeting a young buffalo. After 20 Minutes YML1 was succeeded and ran to the tree with his kill. Today we saw how strong is him. Following are some images during the sighting.

08th February 2018 New Patanangala Junction (Main Road)

YML01 was coming from Gonalaheba Pitiya direction to Adi 100 bokkuwa via main road around 6.25AM. I saw him coming from around 50m ahead and stopped soon. Came to me within 3 minutes time and pass the vehicle went until adi 100 bokkuwa. Following are some images during the sighting.

28th March 2018 Gonalehabbe Junction

We were coming from Diganwala Direction to go to the beach. It's around 8.40 AM. Near Gonalehabbe Junction two jeeps told that a female leopard crossed the main road and disappears. I was stopped for 2 minutes. Then suddenly the dear alarm raised bit inside jungle. Ok then that one is still on the move. I was decided to drive to Gonalehabbe Middle Road. Before the first water place suddenly a leopard crossed very quickly like 2 seconds. Then I stopped and saw this big boy coming towards us to cross the road.