YML11 - Suduwelimulla Male

Born in April/May 2017 in Pan Wala Area

Mother - YFL10 Pan Wala Short Tail Female

Born Territory - Thalgasmankada, Thalgasmankada Bungalow Road, Thalgasmankada Camp Site Road, Panwala, Kotabendi Wewa, Komawea, Medapara upto Agilwala

Territory Aquired in Mid 2019 - Diganwala, Gonalahaba Pitiya, Suduwelimulla, Yala Wewa, Yala Camp Road, Hadunoruwa, Kotasiyabalaya, Gaga Paara, Hadunoruwa Yata Para.

28th November 2017 Meda Para Junction

It's about 8.30 am. He's alone, sitting very close to the road. He were there for 5 Minutes and try to cross the road. Guess the mother and his brother wew other side of the road.

23rd January 2018 Between Meda para junction & Koma wewa

First spotted both cubs (YML10 & YML11) on a tree in front of Kotabendi wewa early morning. Around 8.10 AM both get down from the tree suddenly and appeared from Meda para with Mother. Again around 8.30 trio came to cross the Komawe wa road. Awesome sighting.

07th July 2019 @ Suduwelimulla & Diganwala Area

It is around 7:30 AM in the morning when we first spotted the Big Buddy in Suduwelimulla Area. Crossed the empty lagoon land and walk gently to Diganwala Side. We drove to Diganwala and waited around 15 Minutes. Then he showed up around one of his favourite tree. Got up to it and rest for a while.

5th July at Diganwala

YML11 was spotted coming to the Diganwala Bund around 7 AM Early Morning this day. Walk to middle of the water place and dissapeard. No any Mark of him. Silence every where. Around 4 Jeeps including us waiting for him to appear again. 6 Minutes later Three Buffalo's including a calf came to ware place. The moment came which stopped our breath. YML11 Suddenly appeared and try to hunt Calf... Mother not ready to give up her child, attacked back to Leopard. Everything happened within less than one minute, Leopard ran away... What a Day...