YML13 - Minisgala Sub Adult Male

Territory - Jaburagala Road - Minisgala Area After Thelambukema to Jaburagala Wewa, Mahaseelawa Wewa Area.

31st January 2018 - Jaburagala Camp Site Junction

Rushed day. Drive everywhere no sign of leopards. Hopeless and heading back to the gate. before the gate decided to check Jaburagala road for a last time atleast for some elephants and come back. Wow, what a decision. Day has been lighted when we reach Camp site Junction. This amazing leopards are waiting for us. YFL01 (Mother) & YML13 Young Male were heading from Camp Site road up to Tanki Gala Area. They were sit and rest for 4-5 Minutes time. Then came to the main road and mother had a drink from a small water place on the road and headed in to tanki gala area. What a 10 Minutes Spend here. That is an amazing way to end the month of January.

27th February 2018 - After Thelambu Kema

Very Hot Day. After roming around the park without any sight of a leopard I decided to give a last try on Jaburagala road before leave the park. It was 10.44 am. When I Spotted YFL01 & YML13 were resting on the sandy road before Minisgala Area. Soon after we arrive Mom (YFL01) went in to the bushes. After a Minute YML13 also decided to Move In. This was my Birthday Gift.