YML17 - "J" Modaragala Male Leopard

Territory - Thalgasmankada, Thalgasmankada Bungalow Road, Thalgasmankada Camp Site Road, Panwala, Kotabendi Wewa, Komawea, Medapara upto Chaithya Junction, Darshana Wewa, Y Junction, Warahana, Modara Gala, Pemdas Wila, Aluth Para, Ali Katu Peelessa

21st July 2019 Around 5:20 PM to 5:30 PM

Full day searched for the leopards and nothing happened until the last moment. Had a news from someone that a Leopard is sleeping bit further from water place in Thelabugaswala. Almost 5 PM from Medapara Junction. But decide to go there and try. This is what the luck is. Once we stop there, suddenly the Leopard - "J" Start walks in to the water place and had a drink. What a moment. Drive back to the gate soon.

8th December 2019 Around 7:30 AM to 7:40 AM

Excellent Day Starter with Blessed Elephant sighting Near Rukwila Junction Main Road. After that we headed to Gonaleheba Middle Road and Drive around half an Hour without any positive thing. Just Stopped near the Kotabendiwewa Juction to capture a Green Bee Eater Bird Photos. Dear Alarm raised suddenly from Kotabendiwewa side. Positive message, quickly Drive to Kotabendiwewa Junction and have seen this amazing guy rolling from Kotabendiwewa to Komawewa. Absolutely fantastic when he moving towards us.