YML18 - HadunOruwa Sub Adult Male

Territory - Born in Modara gala Area. Newly Establish Teritory - Kotasiyabalaya, Hadun Oruwa, Modawala Yata Para, Modawa wala, Sudu Welimulla, Rakinawala, Diganwala, Madapara Junction.

3rd December 2018 Near Modaragala Koosuwa

It was about 8:30 am in the morning. Had some sightings in Kota bandi wewa area and want some relax exploration. So continue the tour in to Darshanawewa Sathmaga Area. After Passing Modaragala, I was switch off the engine and went N- Gear on that slop area. At the end there was this young male heading to us by marking his territory. YML18 Male Cub of Modaragala is on show.

13th October 2019 Before Koma Wewa

After the Lunch start to explore the area from Meda Para. Heard some Deer Alarming Near Thelabugaswala and Listned carefully. Deer alarming almost going to finish and looks like the Leopard walk to the Kotabandiwewa Junction area. We drive forward. After Meda Para Kotabendiwewa Juction Before the Komawewa this beautiful Leopard found sitting to cross the raod.