YML02 - Rukwila Male Leopard

Territory - Eagle Bookkuwa, Butawa Pitiya, Maynert Wewa, Buttawa Spill, Rukwila, Patanangala, Adi 100 Bookkuwa

16th November 2017 Buttawa Spill Road

YML2 is Sitting on the Cold Grass around 9.35 am near Buttawa Spill Turning place. Soon after we reached there he stand and start to walk. Marked his teritory and crossed the road to the buttawa side.

18th December 2017 Eagle Bokkuwa

YML2 is found while resting on this tree around 6.30 am. He was there for more than 3 hours.

2nd March 2018 Buttuwa Spill Junction

Date :- 2018-03-02
Time :- 6.34 AM - 6.38 AM
Suddenly appears from the underground (Concrete Arch in road) with Female. And Had a Drink 05M away from the vehicle.

Raum Wala Battle Day

Date :- 16th July 2019
Time :- 6.25 AM - 6.44 AM
Another very fresh morning. Still the dry season is continueing to Yala. We were the second at the gate and directly drive to medapara area. Wow, wonderfull sighting of three leopards in one place. YFL04 & YML22 are normally rome this area. But this big Male YML2 Seen After 16 Months. He was hidden in thick jungle for so long time. Young Male YML22 and the Bold Male YML2 had a fight too. It was more lickly a training game. I must say this, Last 16 Months this bold male got doubled his size. Look at his face...