YML22 - Raum Wala Sub Adult Male

Born Territory - Raum wala, Meda Paara, Chaithya Road, Buttawa Spil, Rukwila Junction at Main Road.

New Territory - Sajith Gaha, Buttawa Junction, Karawgaswala 1, Wihaga Wala, Buttawa Wewa Road.

Mother - YFL04 Raumwala Female.

20th July 2019 - Rukwila Podi Wala @ Main Road

Best Sighting of this young male so far...

11th October 2019 - Buttawa Spill Road at 10 AM

Very Rainy Day From the begining of the tour. No any sightings until this gem shows up. He was sitting while the rain continues. Nearly 10 Minutes he was there watching us and the rain.