YML03 - Buttawa Male Leopard - Harak Hora

Territory - Buttawa, Karawgaswala, Uraniya, Siyabalagaswala, Lolugaswala, Debaragaswala, Welmalkema, Kohobagaswala, Rathmalwala, Maliththankotuwala, Buttawa Spill, Maynert Wewa, Gonagala Rd

27th November 2017 Buttawa Plains

YML3 was Spotted from Buttawa wewa Road around 10 am. First Crossed the buttawa wewa road and came to Wihaga wala. From there crossed the main road and came through sajith tree and crossed the karawgaswala sand road went through the buttawa pitiya until no 2 palugaswala. Some wounds on the face too.

04th APRIL 2018 Deberagaswala

Fresh Start at 6 AM. We were the third in gate. Drive directly to Uraniya road. It was 6.07 AM Checking the Debaragaswala. Wow on the Road this beauty was sleeping. YML03, Doesn't care about the vehicle. We were there alone for 7 More Minutes. As soon as the other vehicles approached he turned up and walk to Water place. Had a drink and disappears to the forest.

22nd MAY 2018 Welmalkema Inner Road

YML3 was Spotted from Welmalkema Inner Road around 8.35 am. He came on the road until Gonagala Wewa.